The ADIA do not train engineers how to fit an automatic door, however, we do have various courses that can develop existing skills and awareness for automatic door installation, servicing and maintenance. We supply our members with promotional and training opportunities focusing on the health and safety of automatic doors according to the BS EN16005.

If you are a part of a company, who works on or closely with automatic doors on a day to day basis (or has transferable skills that can be brought to automatic doors), we advise that you seek product training from your company. We also advise they come into membership and have their staff study the BS EN16005 to give them an awareness of what to look for when working with automatic doors. Here are our courses that will help develop your skills.

However, if you are a sole trader (you work on your own), we cannot accept you as a member if you have no experience in automatic door practice. It is advisable that you seek training in an employment position from an automatic door installer or supplier to give you experience in working with automatic doors.

They would then need to come into membership to have their staff, including yourself, sit the BS EN16005.