Here are some key facts for construction employers about the new apprenticeship levy (AL). This guidance was updated in October 2016 to reflect the proposals in the Government’s response to their consultation on funding (PDF, 484 KB).

The latest CITB guidance for the construction industry is available below, or by downloading our apprenticeship levy factsheet (PDF, 274 KB).

Apprenticeship levy – your questions answered

  1. What is the apprenticeship levy?
  2. Who will need to pay the apprenticeship levy?
  3. How many construction firms will need to pay the apprenticeship levy?
  4. Will construction firms need to pay both the AL and the CITB Levy? 
  5. How will the apprenticeship levy be collected?
  6. How is the levy payment calculated?
  7. What will employers get back from the levy?
  8. What can levy funds pay for?
  9. Who sets the cost of the training?
  10. How will companies outside the apprenticeship levy fund apprenticeships? 
  11. How will training for apprentices aged 16 to 18 be funded?
  12. Will there be any other Government payments?
  13. Can an employer transfer funds in their digital account to another employer or training provider?
  14. How will the levy work in Scotland and Wales?
  15. How will CITB support employers on apprenticeships?
  16. What happens if an employer starts an apprentice before the changes are introduced?