• Company Details

  • The Login / Course information will also be sent to this person additionally to the engineer.

    This is useful to have a copy of the login details and information

  • Installer members gain one free course per year. We will check this against your account at the point of issuing the invoice.

  • Course Date

  • During the Covid-19 outbreak we have been training the online practical part of all courses using online video call such as Facetime, Whatsapp Video or Skype.

    Courses can be conducted one on one with the engineer or we can train multiple engineers at the same time together.

    All practical courses will include demonstrations of the automatic door operators.

  • Engineers Details

  • This is needed for the City & Guilds database

  • This is important as we will send a reminder text message to the engineer about the course date and login details

  • If this email address is already in use on the system please add a number to the end of the email addresses and we will forward the engineer the login details.

    For example: if engineer@emailaddress.co.uk change to engineer@emailaddress.co.uk1

  • E-Learning Signup Details

  • This will be the username for the engineer to login to the Self Study Part of the course.

    This has to be unique containing the engineers name and a number

  • Strength indicator

    This will be the password that the engineer will use to login to their self study part of the course.

    Please use a strong password by making the password a minimum of 6 characters, include special characters like $%& and capital letters

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